About LoveMyRocks


Grassroots projects have little to no money for marketing, so we use our rocks as a unique way to create awareness about their important work.


We are a small group of novice artists using our love of art to benefit meaningful grassroots projects. Each rock is one-of-a-kind, painted by adults and children of varying abilities, with the intent of bringing attention to some really cool stuff . . .



A BIG SHOUT OUT to PREMIER STONE LANDSCAPE SUPPLY (formerly Robert's Landscaping) in North Hyde Park for donating the rocks for this project!

COVID-19 UPDATE: If you find one of our rocks, we are not asking for donations at this time.
Please feel free to enjoy your rock or re-hide it for others to find. 

If you would like to make a donation, click here.  Stay safe, everyone!

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Congratulations! You found a LoveMyRocks rock! 

If you found one of our rocks, it means we're raising awareness for a grassroots effort in your community.
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